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Accounting Vouchers in Employee Payslip - OpenERP 6.1

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Accounting Vouchers in Employee Payslip - OpenERP 6.1

    When it comes to OpenERP 6.1 the pay roll management has witnessed  remarkable changes in  it's way of functioning as compared to it's earlier versions. The absence of  "Pay Salary" button, "Accounting Vouchers" and a lot more. Among them, the absence of "Accounting Vouchers" has created a lot of confusion to the existing users. Here i am trying to explain the changes happened with voucher creation

Accounting Vouchers

    OpenERP 6.0, has  a field (one2many field) "Accounting Vouchers" in tab "Accounting Details" which is no longer available in 6.1
"Acounting Vouchers" are created when the button "Approve Sheet" is clicked. It has the following fields within it.
   * 'Name'
   * 'Sequence'
   * 'Expense Entries' - A relational field (many2one) which maps  Account Move (account.move). An Account move contains Journal Items/Move lines

    In openerp 6.0  multiple account moves were created for a payslip. Like, one for Salary Slip, one for Adjustment etc..
But in Version 6.1,  OpenERP replaced the field "Accounting Vouchers" with "Accounting Entry".
"Accounting Entry" is the same field that we see as "Expense Entries" inside "Accounting Vouchers". Both of them relates an account move.

Accounting Entry

    An "Accounting Entry" is created during the click of the button "Confirm". In the new method OpenERP creates only one account move corresponding to a payslip, where in earlier versions it created multiple moves as accounting voucher entries. In the new scenario, instead of creating multiple moves, OpenERP creates all the Move lines/Journal items inside a single move. For example, the journal items corresponding  to 'Adjustments' were associated with a separate move in earlier versions. Now they are added to the the single move created (Field - Accounting Entry)

Journal Items inside Account Move

   So, the difference is that, earlier we created more than one account moves and now we create only one account move and all the move lines are specified in that move itself

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This is the only time I've

This is the only time I've been to your site. Thank you for sharing more information.