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Google map-openerp integration for vehicle tracking.

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Google map-openerp integration for vehicle tracking.

Using fleet module you can manage your vehicles, vehicle's contracts using fleet module.The attractive features of fleet module are:-

1.You can add vehicles to your fleet.
2.Manage contracts for vehicles.
3.Alert when a contract reach its expiration date.
4.Add services, fuel log entry, odometer values for all vehicles. all costs associated to a vehicle or to a type of service with help of analysis graph for costs.

Using all these openerp features we can develop a vehicle tracking system by integrating google map, which shows the route of the vehicle, speed of the vehicle, directions, replay of the route, fuel indications, etc...

The module zb_track enhance the features of OPENERP 7.0 in handling vehicles. This module is developed with the aim of handling vehicles easily and userfriendly with fleet management.


1. Install the module zb_track.
2.Select Vehicles from fleet menu.
3.Open a vehicle, Now you can see a field GPS device as shown in Fig:1
4.You can choose a your gps device from here.
5.You can see your map by clicking on the device.

We have another option to choose devices. Fig:2

Here we can choose our device and get the map according to the date of travelling. Also here we have additonal features like replay of the root and current position of the vehicle, The history is also shown below the map.

In this module we add two additional maps:-
1.fleet map which indicats the current positon of all the vehicle, and click on the marker we can see a device map
2.Another one is device map. we can choose devices individually and see their route information according to the date of travelling.

Check the video below:

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Google map was going to start

Google map was going to start the open integration that was for the vehicle tracking among the all aspects that was on this. I need to have some formation about them that was on college paper reviews this was able to have the all information that was useful among all aspection.

Eric's picture

I am interested with your

I am interested with your module. But what kind of gps device do you use? brand, model?

So basically it is linked up with the physical gps hardware installed on each vehicles?

jjlopezg's picture

is possible to obtain such

is possible to obtain such module

shihas's picture

yes. You can contact

yes. You can contact

Anonymous's picture

I sent you some emails to

I sent you some emails to know how to get the zb_track module without feedback and reply. How can i proceed to get it. Thanks