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Merge Shipment from Multiple Purchase Orders in Odoo

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Merge Shipment from Multiple Purchase Orders in Odoo

In Some situations, we may face some kind of purchases like PO001 and PO002 partially come as a single shipment and we forced to receive this two shipment as a single shipment but both are partially. Here is am explaining how we can handle with this situation.

Before starting, make sure the module named “zb_purchase_multiple_picking” Then we can create two purchase order with different items from purchases → Purchases order…

See the following example…

PO00008  having Product

[CARD] Graphics Card : 10

[CPUi5] Processor Core i5 2.70 Ghz : 20

PO00009 Of product

[E-COM07] iPad Mini : 20

[CARD] Graphics Card : 10

[CPUi5] Processor Core i5 2.70 Ghz : 10.000

Suppose this two purchase order came as a single shipment having qty as follows.

[E-COM07] iPad Mini : 10

[CARD] Graphics Card : 15

[CPUi5] Processor Core i5 2.70 Ghz : 21

We can make this as single shipment and connect with those purchase order.. First we want to open the menu Purchase → Control → Items To Receive . there will be shown all the pending Purchase order lines that having to receive.

We can choose the po line that we are trying to receive. And then press actions and press Po → Shipment

This create shipment will return an incoming shipment according the filled wizard data and the balance item will mark as pending in related purchase order that can be receive next time.

We can validate the shipment.

Next we can go to the same items to receive menu and create next shipment will only accept the rest of items…

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The information you share

The information you share gives me more knowledge. I am very grateful for that.

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Quite helpful and

Quite helpful and understandable update about odoo here that is pretty fantastic. The people who are looking for help with such tools can grab them on website. Keep going to share the helpful updates always.