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OpenEduCat - OpenERP For Educational Institutes

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OpenEduCat - OpenERP For Educational Institutes

OpenEduCat, an open source application for educational institutes based on Odoo is implemented for one of our major customer for their new venture in Education Institutions in UAE.

It includes all major features those are necessary for managing an educational institute online such as Faculty, Appointment, Enrollment/Admission, Configuration, Transportation, Student, Library, Parent, etc:-

This start with creating a new lead, mainly for admission.

*  Go to OpenEduCat------>Prospecting Appointment------>Prospecting Appointment.

Editing the details such as Subject (purpose of appointment), Student Name, Address, Contact Name, Relation, Phone Number and some Internal Notes in the appropriate spaces provided in the lead form and you can Schedule/Log a call for appointment. A new lead will be created now. which will be then proceeded to the Registration/Admission processes. Schedule/Log a Call gives the user to assign a slot for appointment.

This module help you to manage admission process efficiently. You can set fees details and adds constrains to admission process through admission register. To begin with Admission, OpenEduCat provides a functionality of Registration.

* Go to Registration(s)----->All Registration

Details of the applicant are entered in the registration form and a draft registration will be created. There is an option to set the registration fee for each courses offered and based on that, there is a provision to pay the registration fee at the time of registration. After registration, the applicant can be scheduled for an assessment or can be moved to waiting list. Once any slot becomes open, applicant in waiting list can be moved to assessment state. After assessment and approval for addmission from management, system provides an option to send offer letter to applicant. If the applicant accepts the offer letter,  a student profile for that particular applicant will be created. After stident profile is created based on the details provided at the time of registration, we have option to pay the student fees based on a preset fee structure. Fee structure varies based on each courses.

Image of the student in the student profile can be uploaded by the camera option provided in the OpenEduCat.

* Go to OpenEduCat------>Students----->Student.

Selecting a student from the list you can easily upload the image in the space given. If you need to change the image further, there is Change Image option provided near to the image.

Student/Asset Tracking:-
This module help you to track each students, Partners, Employees, etc or even different warehouse related assets like Products. We can assign tags to each of them and can track the asset based on the tag.

* Go to OpenEduCat------>Student/Asset Tracking-------->Tag Register

A Tag Register (number) will be assigned to each of the assets.

To create an Asset Location,

* Go to OpenEduCat----->Student/Asset Tracking----->Asset Location

An Asset Location will be created for them. You can register the assets to a asset location by entering their tag register. Asset Log of each assets helps you to track them by examining the InTime and Out Time.

There is an Asset Movement Log to which the above details get entered automatically.

* Go to OpenEduCat------>Student/Asset Tracking------>Asset Movement Log.

This education has an excellent features of managing transportation details and also give facility to configure data related to the transportation. For this, the openeducat is integarted with the fleet module. There are three features for transportation that you can configure.

  1. Vehicles
  2. Routes (Stops)
  3. Transportation

To configure vehicles,

* Go to OpenEduCat------>Configuration------>Transportation Management----->Vehicles.

A new vehicle can be created here by entering the vehicle details such as Name of vehicle, Class, Ownership, Driver Name. et:- You can mention whether the vehicle is in working condition or out of order by clicking the appropriate buttons provided.

To configure routes,

* Go to Configuration----->Transportation Management------>Routes.

Details of the Route Form includes Name of the routes and sequence which is the number in which the stops will be followed. Entering this details will create a new route.

 To configure transportation,

* Go to Configuration------>Transportation Management------>Transportation.

A new transportation will be created by entering the details such as Name to the transport, Vehicle, Stop, etc:-

Then you can move to the invoice creation procedures. A Draft Invoice of the transportation will be created by entering the invoice details, which will get moved to Open state once it validated.

You can also have the printed copy of a transportation by selecting a route and corresponding pdf file will be loaded.


** All the changes specifed in this blog are not available in the base OpenEducat module. There are modifications done by ZestyBeanz team based on customer requirement.

By Muhsina Shajahan, Vidya Shekhar and Prajul PT.