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OpenERP 7 Keyboard Shortcut

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OpenERP 7 Keyboard Shortcut

OpenERP 7 has made the menu navigation easier with the new user interface. But for a user, if he has made a sale order and need to view all the invoices in the system, he has to go to the main menu Invoicing and then select Customer Invoice / Supplier Invoice to view the invoice. It would be better to have a keyboard shortcut which help in easy navigation with the press of some buttons.

We have developed a new module named web_key_shortcut which enables the user to define key shortcut for each menu item. When the module is installed, there is a new menu created in the location Settings -> Web Shortcut -> WebShortcut Configuration. A screenshot is shown below:

Here we can add the shortcuts for each menuitems. When you click on "Add an item", a new window appers where we can specify the menu and the shortcut for that menu. The menuitem that the user has access to will only be displayed in the list. A screenshot is shown below:

User also apecify the shortcut to the manu from the active menu also. The is a new icon on the system tray which enables the user to specify the shortcut. A screenshot is shown below:

When the icon is pressed, a new prompt box appears where the user can enter the shortct keys. The shortcut will be created for the current active menu item. A screenshot is shown below:

When the manu shortcut are entered and the create button is pressed, the shrtcut will be created for the current active menu. If a shortcut is defined for browser default shortcuts like Ctrl+P, the default browser shortcut will be overrided. Please refresh the OpenERP page for the shortcuts to take effect. Each user can specify his own shortcuts. The shortcut specified by one user wll only be applicable to that user. A video showing the feature of the module is shown below:

The Module is attached with the blog. Hope this helps you...

Module can also be downloaded from launchpad bzr branch lp:~r-launchpadzbeanz/zbeanz/web_addons

web_key_shortcut_5_jun_7_05.zip18.61 KB

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This website can now generate

This website can now generate codes online from the generator of games of steam wallet.

Samba's picture

Really it's a nice module. I

Really it's a nice module. I am using this in my openerp system.

ゴローズ ブレスレット's picture

Helpful tips Thanks a lot!

Helpful tips Thanks a lot!

Erik's picture

Hi, really nice addon.

really nice addon. Unfortunately, it removes the search bar. I dont know why. Are there any settings related to this? This is a screenshot of the missing search bar:

It would be nice if this were to be fixed. :)

ralph lauren パーカー's picture

Many thanks! Lots of

Many thanks! Lots of postings.

Anonymous's picture

Which platform ur using

Which platform ur using windows/linux.

what is the advantage of linux and windows

Anonymous's picture

You can Download this module

You can Download this module on

Prajul P T's picture

Hi,     The functionality of


    The functionality of this module and the module web_shortcut is entirely different. If you check the module you can see that after the module web_shortcut is installed, we can bookmark each menus by clicking on a star next to title and we can chose this bookmarked menus from any where to easily navigate to that view. But in my module, you can set the key shortcuts and set the shortcuts for each menu items. So based on the key stroke we can navigate to the menus...

Please test both modules to see if both are same...

Anonymous's picture

Is this module will support

Is this module will support ODOO version(8), I'm looking this module for ODOO...

Samba's picture

In my openerp system Settings

In my openerp system Settings menu rights given to only Admin not to the normal users. In this case how webshortcut configuration menu would available to normal users. Am i face any problem if change webshortcut configuration menu to sales or purchases menu.