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From OpenERP 7 to Odoo

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From OpenERP 7 to Odoo

The transition from OpenERP 7 to Odoo visibly highlights its web based approach. Odoo comes with more than 4000 apps for various business needs and requirements.

There has been a lot of speculation and wish list with version 8.0 among its partners and users. Following are some features of version 8.0 that looks attractive at a glance.

1. Website

OpenERP 8 comes up with this feature of web where users can design and manage content of their website. This Option provide an option to Manage web content;Products and other details which is generally put on any company website.We can create websites without any technical knowledge.

For creating websites install the 'website' module. Once the module is installed, Website menu will appear.We can edit the page by clicking the Edit button.

Click Insert Blocks button to insert blocks of content in the page.

To Add new pages go to the menu Content -> New Page and give page title.

2. E-Commerce

Odoo ecommerce allows you to create awesome product Catalog along with product description. It allows you to create beautiful product pages and increase your online sales in few simple clicks. Simple Drag and Drop designed interface enhance you to create stunning product pages. Odoo ecommerce helps to manage ecommerce operation with Odoo open source ERP, we can simply integrate our warehouse, shipping, and payment getaway services.

To use e-commerce feature install the website_sale module. Then a new menu Shop appears on top. We can add new products or edit the product details using this menu.

Add to Cart: We can make order by clicking Add to Cart button.

3. Reporting

Reporting feature is more dynamic which makes user to change format of report easily and has option to use different filters easily.

4. Sales Teams

This feature allows user to create team and track their progress in terms of Leads;Sales Orders and Invoice . It provided easy interface for team management and performance tracking.

5. Live Chat

It provides live chat option to directly chat with customers in Real Time. It is an Instant messaging feature. When we install the website_livechat module, a new icon is shown on the right side. We can select users from this for chatting.

6. Warehouse Management

One of the most notable changes to the Odoo 8 is the Warehouse Management application, which has a new barcode scanning system for warehouse or fulfilment staff. It offers advanced product routing, including fifo, lifo and nearest, along with picking waves management.

Incoming shipments, Internal move, Delivery Orders etc are contained in Warehouse -> Operations -> All Operations menu. To create new operations go to the menu Warehouse -> Configuration -> Types of Operation.

Features of WMS:

> Serve as basic building block to implement the FIFO & LIFO removal strategies (and costing methods);

> Speed up various computation tasks (such as available quantities in stock);

> Introduce the concept of “route” i.e. a set of pre-defined push/pull rules and removal/put away strategies to parameter the various logistics flows more efficiently;

> Improve picking, packing and shipping possibilities;

> Allow to take into account drop-shipping as well as cross-docking supply chain management techniques.

Other features:-

* Areas of the user interface are now provided with the industry standard Bootstrap buttons and dialogues to provide a familiar feel for users.

* The purchase workflow now supports tender management and allows draft POs to be merged automatically when they contain the same product and supplier

* Reports use the new web-based qweb toolkit, enabling point-and-click modification of invoices and reports. They are faster to generate and print; however PDF export is still supported.

* For existing users of the CRM and project modules, 'State' and 'Stage' have been merged to remove confusion.

* Point of Sale has been further enhanced and is well tested across iPad and Android platforms in addition to the standard desktops.

* Calendar and Document integration with Google, email client and Project Management have all attracted attention and have various advances.

* Advance option to bank reconciliation is provided.

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It is nice to read about Odoo

It is nice to read about Odoo it has more than 4000 apps which is really fantastic.You have explained every thing in detail which makes it easy to understand.The screen shots explains the features.