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OpenERP OpenOffice Report Designer

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OpenERP OpenOffice Report Designer

The Openoffice Report Designer is a plugin used to create reports for OpenERP. It is an easy to install and use plugin. The main advantage of this plugin is that anyone can easily create and modify reports for OpenERP.

Installation Procedure

Install using Extension Manager in Writer

You will find the 'Extension Manager' under the tab 'Tools' in Writer. Here you can add the '' file. After adding the file, restart the Writer and the OpenERP Report Designer Menu and Toolbar will be available.

Server Parameters

This functionality is used to connect with the OpenERP Server. Here, we can select the database and login as particular user. And now, we can start creating the report by selecting the 'Open a new report' option in the menu.

Add a loop

Using this functionality, we can create repeatln statement in Open Report.

Add a field

This functionality can be used to insert the OpenERP fields in the report.

Add an expression

Using this functionality we can create expressions which cannot be achieved by adding fields. The expressions can be entered in python language which use the fields for calculations.

Send to Server

This functionality is used to send the created report to OpenERP Server.

pfe2013's picture

Hi I have a problem about

I have a problem about editing OpenERP report in OpenOffice:
Window add a field is empty.

nizam2404's picture

Hi, I have 2 problem about


I have 2 problem about editing OpenERP report in OpenOffice:

1) i can't Add a loop - after i select Objects to loop on, i can click Ok button but nothing happen (the dialog box still open and not closed after click Ok button)

2) i can't Add a field - no Variable appear in drop down list.

Hope u can help me about this matter. TQ

Anthony's picture

Hi Nizam, Well i'm having a

Hi Nizam,
Well i'm having a bad time because of the same problem as yours.
Did you figure out how to solve this problem?
Contacted openErp for this, they don't seem to care :(
Please advise.



Anonymous's picture

Firstly add a loop,then try

Firstly add a loop,then try to add field.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Have you tried to switch


Have you tried to switch over to Fields.
Button: Conversion Brackets -> Fields in Openoffice