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OpenERP Vs Other ERP

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OpenERP Vs Other ERP

OpenERP  Vs Other ERP

OpenERP is an open source comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Accounting, Human Resources etc. OpenERP has separate client and server components. XML-RPC interfaces are available.

Other ERPs include SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc.


The following points will give an idea of the advantages of OpenERP over other ERPs

Simplicity & Flexibility

The simplicity and flexibility that is offered by OpenERP when considered with other ERP gives users easiness in usage of the system.


The architecture of ERPs like SAP, Oracle etc are very complicated to understand and implement where as the architecture of OpenERP is simple and easy to understand.


The cost to implement an ERP solution like SAP,Oracle etc is very high which small scale or medium scale industries won’t be able to bear where as the cost of implementation of an OpenERP solution is very less compared to the proprietary ERP solutions which will allow small scale and medium scale industries to have an ERP solution for their business.


The training that the users will need in typical proprietary ERP solutions involves lots of time and cost. Employees/users need to be a bit Tech savvy’s in understanding it whereas OpenERP training involves very less time and cost and also the employees/users need to have only a minimum basic knowledge of computer.

Time for Implementation

Time for implementing an in typical proprietary ERP solution needs lots of time whereas the time needed for implementing an ERP solution is very less as more than 500+ modules are readily available in OpenERP.

Addition Of Modules

In OpenERP admin can activate any modules as an when require with no additional cost whereas in other proprietary ERP solution to have an additional module they need to consult the service provider to add new module which also involves additional costs.


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I hope you have shared few

I hope you have shared few important factors that will really help those who compare the OpenERP with Other ERPs. Its really informative. Expecting more with with screen shots etc.