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Purchase Amendment Module: Modify confirmed purchase orders

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Muhammad Ashif K's picture

Purchase Amendment Module: Modify confirmed purchase orders

In openERP, once a purchase order is confirmed we can not modify it anymore. Purchase amendment module enables the provision to make some changes like increase or decrease in product quantity,unit price etc in a confirmed Purchase order.  But we can edit tne order lines only when no payments are done and the products are not fully recieved.

Lets see how this module works,

Here i am creating a new purchase order with 2 products, and i have confirmed it,

When a purchase order is confirmed, corresponding incoming shipment and invoice will be created as shown,

Now i am going to edit this confirmed purchase order, for that just click on the button 'Modify',

Now i am editing the purchase order, we can add new lines, delete or edit an existing order line etc. Here i am adding a new product to PO, and changing the quantities of existing products

After complete editing, click on the button 'Update'. Now these changes are updated in corresponding incoming shipment and invoices as shown below,

The updated incoming shipment and invoices are,

I am attaching the module with this blog,

You can download this module from the below link also

purchase_amendment.zip4.55 KB

Mahdi's picture

hello Muhammad, first thank

hello Muhammad,
first thank you for sharing this interisting module,
i tried to install it in already used database and i get this error

Integrity Error

The operation cannot be completed, probably due to the following:
- deletion: you may be trying to delete a record while other records still reference it
- creation/update: a mandatory field is not correctly set

[object with reference: Purchase Order - purchase.order]

Muhammad Ashif K's picture

Hai, We have attached the


We have attached the module with this blog..

Kevin's picture

Hi Mr. Muhammad Ashif First

Hi Mr. Muhammad Ashif

First of all thanks for posting the Purchase Amendment Module.

We need to be able to amend confirmed purchase orders as for us the price may change from the supplier (it happens!).

I think I need your module as our purchase orders are 'Make to Order' so if we cancel the purchase and reset to draft the link to the sales order is lost and the sales order then has a shipping exception. So much easier to just modify the purchase order!

Forgive me but we're still evaluating odoo and my experience is limited, are there any easy to follow instructions on how to install your update perhaps, we are trialling odoo on a windows pc.

Any help much apprecited!

bruno's picture

it's possible download

it's possible download it?

best regards

Anonymous's picture

Where i can find this module

Where i can find this module ?