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Sale Order Double Validation

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Sale Order Double Validation

Sales module is OpenERP is used to manage Sales from OpenERP. In OpenEPR v7, when a sale is created, User have the option to confirm the sale to created invoice and/or delivery order based on the configuration  selected in the sale order. In some firms, we have an intermediate stage of Approval in sale order.

Before the sale order is confirmed, it should be approved by another higher authority. In most of the cases the approval power depends on the approval limit set for each user. This facility is currently available in purchase by installing purchase_double_validation module. In purchase we can set the approval limit in Settings > Configuration > Purchases.

We have developed a module which adds this feature to OpenERP. Module can be installed as a normal OpenERP module and does not require any additional python packages as dependencies. Module adds a new field in users form view "Sale Approval Limit". Here we can assign the maximum sale amount the user can approve. A screenshot is shown below:

Module also adds a new state in sale order called "Waiting For Approval". A screen shot is shown below:

Module adds a new menu in "Sales > Sales > Sale Orders To Approve". This menu item lists all the sale orders that need to be approved.

After a sale order is created, user has to send this sale order for approval. This can be done by clicking the button "Send For Approval" in sale order. A screenshot is shown below:

If the sale amount is below the approval limit of the user, a new button called "Confirm Sale" becomes visible in sale order. User can confirm that sale order by clicking that button. If the sale amount is above the approval limit of the user, the sale need to get approved from another user who has a approval power of that sale amount. A screenshot is shown below:

Sale Order with amount grater than the user approval limit

Sale Order with amount less than the user approval limit

When a user logs in to OpenERP, he/she can view all the sale orders to approve in the menu "Sales > Sales > Sale Orders To Approve". If the user has the power to approve the sale order, he can do that by clicking the button "Confirm Sale".

Module also provide the functionality to approve multiple sale orders at once. In "More" dropdown in sale order tree view, there is a new selection called "Approve Sale Orders". User can select multiple sale order and click on this selection item to validate the selected sale orders at once. If the user has sufficient approval limit, user can approve all the sale orders selected, else an exception will block the user from this action. A screenshot is shown below:

Invoice and delivery of the sale will be created only after confirming sale order.

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Where can I download this

Where can I download this module please?