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Printscreen in OpenERP 7

        Print screen was a feature of OpenERP which enables the user to take the printout of the tree view of the selected records. This feature was available in OpenERP 6.1 GTK client was not available in OpenERP 6.1 web client and OpenERP 7. In OpenERP 7, there is an option to take printout of the tree view. But in OpenERP 7 we cannot select the particular records which we want to print in the report. 

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OpenERP 7 integration with Moodle

OpenERP 7.0, The full featured ERP making the switch from an ERP to a suite of integrated business applications. So far, the world was split between ERPs and best of breed applications. With 7.0, OpenERP combines the key benefits of stand-alone apps (ease of use, quick to deploy, highly customizable, ...) with the integrations and feature coverage only ERPs used to provide to their customers.

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OpenERP 7 integration with UPS Worldship and UPS Freight

OpenERP is a powerful ERP solution and it manages all the  processes in a company. We have developed a new module which enables us to manage the shipping through UPS World ship and UPS Freight from OpenERP. Using this module will be able to get rates for a particular shipment and we could also make the shipment request to UPS. The UPS responds with the UPS label which will be used on the shipment.

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Attractive and Scalable POS (Point of Sale) using OpenERP


Touchscreen point of sale is one of the features of openerp, which enables to manage your shop (or multiple shop) very easily.Some of its advantages are,


  1. It is completely web based.

  2. It works in connected and disconnected modes so that you can continue to sell if you lose your internet connection.

  3. Integrated with openerp, it uses openerp as its backend.

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Portal Feature in OpenERP 7

      The OpenERP Portal module allows you to provide system access to customers or suppliers. It let you show only a part of your OpenERP application without exposing all features of your system. It is a useful module to allow customers, partners, suppliers and other type of external users to use your system for particular tasks.

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Magento for OpenERP 7

Magneto is a eCommerce platform build on open-source technology where the user have unlimited flexibility over his eCommerce store. Magento when integrated with OpenERP forms an strong platform for managing eCommerce store. Magento when integrated with OpenERP 7 created an eCommerce store management system with user friendly interface.

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Account Charts in OpenERP

A Chart of Accounts (COA) is a way of showing a business´s financial information in such a way that it is possible to make good financial decisions based on the information that it shows. The COA will be made up of all the individual accounts that make up the overall accounts of a business.


Structure of Chart of Accounts

The COA provides the necessary structure to the Nominal Accounts to allow the overall picture of a company´s financial health to be easily seen.

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Centralised Hotel Reservation System in OpenERP

                Centralised Hotel Reservation system is an OpenERP Solution from Zesty Beanz for linking different hotels in a country/region so that users can easily identify the availability of hotel services in a selected region and plan their journeys/schedules more effectively. OpenERP will act as the back end in this solution. Normal users will be interacting with this system through a web interface. This blog tries to provide an overview of the features in OpenERP perspective.