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Menu Search in OpenERP 7

Since the release of the first version of OpenERP, we have seen an great improvement in OpenERP when compared to its previous releases. One of the main changes we can notice is the change in the loading time of each views and the menu navigation time. OpenERP 7 with its new web interface also shows a great improvement in speed.

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Printscreen in OpenERP 7

        Print screen was a feature of OpenERP which enables the user to take the printout of the tree view of the selected records. This feature was available in OpenERP 6.1 GTK client was not available in OpenERP 6.1 web client and OpenERP 7. In OpenERP 7, there is an option to take printout of the tree view. But in OpenERP 7 we cannot select the particular records which we want to print in the report. 

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OpenERP 7 integration with UPS Worldship and UPS Freight

OpenERP is a powerful ERP solution and it manages all the  processes in a company. We have developed a new module which enables us to manage the shipping through UPS World ship and UPS Freight from OpenERP. Using this module will be able to get rates for a particular shipment and we could also make the shipment request to UPS. The UPS responds with the UPS label which will be used on the shipment.

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Magento for OpenERP 7

Magneto is a eCommerce platform build on open-source technology where the user have unlimited flexibility over his eCommerce store. Magento when integrated with OpenERP forms an strong platform for managing eCommerce store. Magento when integrated with OpenERP 7 created an eCommerce store management system with user friendly interface.

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Dynamic Image From Database in Jasper Report

   When dealing with internal documentation in a company, images plays an important role. For example, company logo is a must in most of the documentation in a company. Here I am going to explain how to create dynamic images in jasper report fetched from the database.

   I am using iReport 4.7.1 with OpenERP. In my report I am passing the image to the report as a parameter. I have created a parameter in iReport as "logo" which holds image data passed from the python to the report. In python side, i am fetching my logo as: 

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Email using email_template in OpenERP 6.1

email_template is a default module of OpenERP which is used to send emails from OpenERP. It is much easier than smtp_client and the template of the mail can be easily customized. We can configure outgoing email server and template of email_template from Setting > Configuration > Email. The outgoing mail server of email_template can be configured from "Outgoing Mail Servers" in  Setting > Configuration > Email. The following is a screenshot of configuring outgoing mail server in email_template.

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Crosstab in iReport

iReport is an reporting tool used for designing jasper report in OpenERP. In OpenERP it is difficult to create a report that has a dynamic column. For instance consider an example of a project report that has details regarding the project task completion date. The task name will be the name of the column. In such cases, the cross tab in report comes handy.