Efficiency Unleashed: Streamlining the Food Production Industry

April 21, 2024 by
Efficiency Unleashed: Streamlining the Food Production Industry
ZestyBeanz Technologies

Client Overview:

Tatmak Food Products LLP, located in Kannur, Kerala, was established in 2020 by Mr. Shaheed Oliyan, with a vision to deliver high-quality food products infused with traditional spices. Specializing in Biryani Gravy mix, Pickles, and other essential food items, Tatmak quickly gained recognition under the Mooni brand, for its commitment to quality and authenticity. However, as the business grew, Tatmak faced challenges in managing its operations efficiently and maintaining consistency throughout the supply chain.


Tatmak Food Products LLP identified several pain points within its operations:  

Manual Processes:

Tedious manual processes for purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, sales, and accounts led to inefficiencies and errors.

Lack of Integration:

Disparate systems and lack of integration between departments resulted in siloed information and communication gaps .

Limited Scalability :

The existing systems and processes were not scalable enough to support Tatmak's rapid growth and expansion plans .

Inadequate Insights :

Limited visibility into real-time data hindered decision-making and strategic planning .


To address these challenges, Tatmak Food Products LLP partnered with Zestybeanz Technologies, a leading provider of ERP solutions, to implement Odoo ERP. Zestybeanz worked closely with Tatmak to understand their unique requirements and tailor the ERP solution accordingly. The implementation focused on automating and integrating key modules:

Purchase Management:

Streamlined procurement processes, automated vendor communication, and optimized inventory levels

Inventory Management:

Centralized inventory tracking, real-time stock updates, and automated replenishment.


Enhanced production planning, scheduling, and quality control to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products .

Sales and Distribution:

Integrated sales management, order processing, invoicing, and customer relationship management .

Accounts Management:

Automated invoicing, expense tracking, financial reporting, and compliance management


The implementation of Odoo ERP brought about significant improvements and tangible results for Tatmak Food Products LLP .

1. ​ Increased Efficiency : Automation of processes reduced manual effort and minimized errors, leading to increased operational efficiency.

2. Enhanced Visibility :  Real-time data insights provided greater visibility into operations, enabling informed decision-making ​and strategic planning.

​3. Improved Customer Satisfaction :  Streamlined sales and distribution processes ensured prompt order fulfillment and ​enhanced customer service .

​4. Scalability : The scalable nature of Odoo ERP allowed Tatmak to adapt to changing business needs and scale operations  seamlessly.

​5. Cost Savings : Reduction in manual labor and optimized inventory management resulted in cost savings for Tatmak.

​6. Sustainable Growth: With streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency, Tatmak was well-positioned for sustainable growth and expansion.


The partnership between Tatmak Food Products LLP and Zestybeanz Technologies proved to be instrumental in streamlining operations and driving business success. By leveraging Odoo ERP, Tatmak achieved greater efficiency, improved visibility, and enhanced customer satisfaction, laying the foundation for continued growth and success in the competitive food manufacturing industry.