The Complete Automation of Your Furniture Business

LOGS ERP is a specialized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tailored specifically for the furniture industry, leveraging the robust capabilities of Odoo. Designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of furniture businesses, LOGS ERP streamlines every aspect of operations, from inventory management and production planning to sales, distribution, and beyond  



Requests for Quotation
Purchase Approval & Orders
Goods Receipts & Batch generations
Billing & Purchase Returns


Stock Taking & Inventory Valuation
Multiple Warehouses, Locations & Bins
End to End Batch/Serial Tracking of Inventory
Schedule & Tracking of Goods Receipts & Deliveries
Stock Picking & Packing Workflow with Mobile Support


Retail & Wholesale
Quotation & Order Management
Margin Checks & Approvals
Multi Stores Sales
Integration to CRM, Inventory & Accounts.

Finance Management

Account Receivables
Account Payables
Cheques Management
Voucher Management
Journal Entries
AR & AP Reconciliation
Configurable Payment Terms
Chart of Accounts
Multiple Journals
Advance Payments & Set off
GST Management & Integration
Trial Balance, P&L & B/S
All Statutory reports & compliance


Bill of Materials & Operations
Semi Finished & Finished Production
Batch/Serial Tracking
Work Orders Management
Integration to Sales & Stock


Completely Customisable
Unlimited User License Model
Cloud & On-premise Deployment
Multi Companies & Currencies Support
Inter Company Transaction Automation
Analysis, XLS, PDF, HTML Reports
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Import and Export of Data from XLS
Alerts – Emails, SMS, Instant Messages
Exhaustive User Access Control
User Groups & Roles


Sales Funneling
Activities Tracking
Customer Profiling
Followups & Todo lists
Customer Feedback & Review

Customer Support

Complaints Management
Repair & Service Orders
Warranty & Replacements 

HR & Payroll

Retail & Wholesale
Quotation & Order Management
Margin Checks & Approvals
Multi Stores Sales
Integration to CRM, Inventory & Accounts.

Comprehensive Inventory Control:

LOGS ERP offers precise inventory management tools, enabling businesses to track raw materials, components, and finished products across multiple warehouses or locations with ease

Efficient Production Planning:

With integrated production planning modules, businesses can optimize manufacturing processes, schedule production tasks, and manage work orders seamlessly to meet demand efficiently.

  Tailored Product Configuration:

The CRM functionalities within LOGS ERP empower furniture businesses to cultivate and nurture customer relationships effectively. From managing leads to tracking sales orders and after-sales service, the system ensures a personalized and streamlined sales experience

Customized Sales and CRM:

LOGS ERP allows for customizable product configurations, accommodating the diverse range of options and variations typically found in the furniture industry. This flexibility ensures accurate order processing and meets the unique preferences of customers  

Supply Chain Optimization:

From procurement and vendor management to logistics and distribution, LOGS ERP optimizes the entire supply chain process, reducing lead times, minimizing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency   

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:

The ERP system provides insightful reporting and analytics tools, offering valuable insights into sales performance, inventory trends, production efficiency, and more. These insights enable data-driven decision-making and strategic planning for business growth  

By implementing LOGS ERP, furniture businesses can streamline operations, improve productivity, and elevate the customer experience, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success in a competitive market landscape.

‘LOGS‘ is the Global & complete Furniture ERP solution for the use of the end to end FURNITURE domain.  It is a collaborative initiative of domain experts & professionals from the Furniture industry, Technology & Management. LOGS ERP has been developed by traditional domain expertise and professional approaches in the field of the end-to-end furniture manufacturing process to Marketing. It has evolved and optimized by complete workflows and real-time situations.

‘LOGS ERP‘ was conceived and developed as a thought-provoking solution for long-lasting pain points for the furniture industry as a whole.  The unconditional support and strong desire with technical knowledge and the advancement of professional experience backed by management expertise have initiated this project. Thus for a good cause and satisfaction, the LOGS ERP became evolved over the last 5 years to its present form.   

‘LOGS’ the furniture ERP helps and extends the profit maximization of any organization through professional workflows, Predictive analysis Performance management etc with a Real-time Interactive Dashboard and DSS (Decision Support System)    

‘LOGS’ mainly focus on Process, Product and People which is inevitable for any organizational development     

A strong desire to set & follow the international quality Management & Standard and its privileges backed us to develop a zero-tolerance workflow method, which later transformed ‘LOGS ‘ into a Global ERP for the furniture domain. Attention to the details, strict compliances, continuous improvement plan and process, best management practices etc. add value to the performance of LOGS ERP with international Quality standards   

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