Manufacturing and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are closely intertwined concepts in modern business management. Production is not the only aspect of manufacturing. Manufacturing is the process of using different production techniques to transform raw materials or components into finished goods. This involves activities such as production planning, scheduling, inventory management, quality control resource allocation, etc

Main features of odoo manufacturing module:

Odoo's manufacturing module is a comprehensive solution that integrates various functionalities to streamline production processes and optimize efficiency. Some of the main features of Odoo's manufacturing module include :

Bill of Materials (BoM) Management:

In order to specify the parts and quantities needed for producing each product, Odoo can create and manage Bills of Materials. The system makes it simple to track and update BoMs.​

Routing and Operations Management

 Odoo can specify production routes and operations, such as work centers, work sequences, and routing steps. Production activities can be scheduled and executed efficiently.

Work Orders:

Work orders that list the steps, materials, and guidelines required to produce a given number of a product can be generated from Odoo BoMs. The entire production process can be managed with the aid of work orders .

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

The MRP feature of Odoo assists users in scheduling and planning manufacturing tasks according to resource availability, inventory levels, and demand projections. It makes production planning and resource allocation more efficient .

Quality Control :

 Odoo has quality control process management tools, including the ability to define quality checks, carry out inspections, and monitor non-conformities. This feature makes sure that goods fulfill legal requirements as well as quality standards .​

Work Center Management  :

  Work centers can be defined and managed with Odoo, with the ability to specify capacities, capabilities, and maintenance schedules. This feature aids in tracking equipment performance and optimizing resource usage ​.

Traceability and Lot Tracking:

 Users can monitor the flow of components, finished goods, and raw materials through the production process using Odoo. Traceability from supplier to customer is made possible by lot tracking functionality, which promotes compliance and transparency.

Product Lifecycle Management :

Users can manage product data, revisions, and version control at every stage of the product life cycle with Odoo's PLM features. It makes cooperation easier and guarantees that all stakeholders involved have access to the most recent information.​

Reporting and Analytics:  

   Key performance indicators (KPIs), production metrics, and manufacturing performance insights can all be tracked and monitored with Odoo's customisable reports and analytics tools.  This feature supports ongoing development and data-driven decision-making.

Integration with Other Modules:

The manufacturing module of Odoo integrates easily with other modules, including accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory management. End-to-end business process automation is made possible by this integration, which also guarantees data consistency across departments.

Client Reference


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