Enhancing Operational Efficiency in PVC Manufacturing

May 2, 2024 by
Enhancing Operational Efficiency in PVC Manufacturing
ZestyBeanz Technologies

Client Overview:

Toms Pipes, founded by Mr. Tomy C. Vadayil over three decades ago, began its journey as a Small Scale Industrial unit manufacturing PVC fittings for electrical wiring applications. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Toms Pipes quickly established itself as a trusted brand in the industry, catering to the diverse needs of customers across various districts .


As Toms Pipes experienced steady growth and expansion, they encountered challenges in managing their operations efficiently. Manual processes for purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, sales, and accounts proved to be labor-intensive, error-prone, and lacked scalability. Recognizing the need to modernize their operations, Toms Pipes sought a comprehensive ERP solution.


Toms Pipes partnered with ZestyBeanz Technologies, to implement Odoo ERP. ZestyBeanz customized the Odoo platform to automate and integrate key modules including purchase, inventory, manufacturing, sales, and accounts, tailored specifically to Toms Pipes' requirements:

Implementation Process:

Assessment and Planning:

ZestyBeanz conducted a detailed assessment of Toms Pipes' existing processes to understand their unique needs and challenges. Based on this analysis, they devised a comprehensive implementation plan to optimize the Odoo ERP solution for Toms Pipes  

Customization and Configuration:

ZestyBeanz customized the Odoo platform to align with Toms Pipes' workflows and business processes. They tailored the purchase module to streamline procurement, optimized inventory management for better control, automated manufacturing processes for increased efficiency, and enhanced sales and accounts modules for improved management .

Integration and Testing: 

ZestyBeanz ensured seamless integration between different modules of the Odoo ERP system and conducted thorough testing to validate the functionality and performance of the solution. They collaborated closely with Toms Pipes' team to address any issues and fine-tune the system  .

Training and Deployment:

ZestyBeanz provided comprehensive training to Toms Pipes' employees to facilitate a smooth transition to the new ERP system. They supported Toms Pipes throughout the deployment process, offering ongoing assistance and guidance  .


The implementation of Odoo ERP brought about significant improvements and tangible results for Toms Pipes .

1. ​ Increased Efficiency : Automation of key processes such as purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, sales, and accounts ​led to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

2. Improved Accuracy : The Odoo ERP minimized errors and discrepancies by providing real-time data and standardized workflows, ensuring accuracy in inventory management, order processing, and financial reporting

​3. Enhanced Scalability: Toms Pipes gained the flexibility to scale their operations seamlessly to meet growing demands, without compromising on quality or efficiency

​4. Informed Decision-Making :  Real-time analytics and reporting capabilities empowered Toms Pipes' management with   valuable insights into business performance, market trends, and customer preferences, enabling informed decision-making and ​strategic planning.


The successful implementation of Odoo ERP by ZestyBeanz Technologies transformed Toms Pipes' operations, enabling them to achieve greater levels of efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. By automating key processes and providing real-time visibility into critical data, the Odoo ERP solution empowered Toms Pipes to strengthen its market position and continue its journey of growth and success in the competitive manufacturing landscape .