Optimizing Operations in Logistic Industry

May 2, 2024 by
Optimizing Operations in Logistic Industry
ZestyBeanz Technologies

Client Overview:

 QWQER India, a leading online delivery backend service based in Kerala, offers delivery solutions for a diverse range of products including foods, beverages, books, documents, groceries, essentials, fruits, and vegetables. With aspirations to expand its operations nationwide, QWQER India sought to optimize its delivery logistics and financial backend to accommodate its growth trajectory.


As QWQER India scaled its operations, they encountered challenges in managing their complex delivery logistics and financial backend efficiently. Manual processes and disparate systems led to inefficiencies in purchase management, inventory tracking, sales processing, and financial accounting. To sustain their growth momentum and meet customer demands, QWQER India sought a comprehensive solution to automate their backend operations.


QWQER India enlisted the expertise of ZestyBeanz Technologies, a renowned provider of Odoo ERP implementation services, to address their operational challenges and enhance efficiency. ZestyBeanz conducted a detailed analysis of QWQER India's requirements and devised a tailored Odoo ERP solution to meet their needs.

ZestyBeanz meticulously implemented and customized multiple modules within Odoo ERP, including Purchase, Inventory, Sales, and Accounts. This provided QWQER India with a unified platform to manage their delivery operations seamlessly, from procurement to order fulfillment and financial management. The implementation encompassed automation of critical processes and seamless integration with existing systems



The Odoo ERP implementation by ZestyBeanz yielded significant improvements in QWQER India's operational efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance. Key outcomes included:

1. Operational Streamlining: Automation of purchase, inventory, sales, and accounts modules streamlined operations, reducing manual effort and enabling QWQER India to manage their delivery logistics with minimal human intervention

​2.  Enhanced Inventory Management:  Automated inventory tracking and management ensured accurate stock levels, preventing stockouts and minimizing carrying costs for QWQER India.

​3. Efficient Order Processing  :    Automation of sales processes facilitated efficient order processing and fulfillment, enabling QWQER

4. Improved Financial Visibility:Integration of accounting modules provided real-time financial visibility and streamlined financial reporting, empowering QWQER India with better decision-making and financial management capabilities.


Through the collaboration with ZestyBeanz Technologies and the implementation of Odoo ERP, QWQER India successfully streamlined its delivery operations, positioning itself as a premier delivery service provider in Kerala and beyond. With optimized operations, enhanced inventory management, efficient order processing, and improved financial visibility, QWQER India is poised for nationwide expansion and poised to deliver unparalleled service to its customers. The partnership between QWQER India and ZestyBeanz Technologies exemplifies the transformative impact of technology in driving business growth and success.